2018 “Yoga for Warriors” Conference

Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, San Antonio, TX

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Call for Speakers

Saturday, June 9th Sessions:

  • Who should apply: yoga teachers, yoga therapists, physicians, nurses, wellness advocates, military presenters or general speakers who would like to share a message with our community on the benefits of Yoga for body, mind and spirit health and resilience.
  • Topics and practices should be geared for the military community, veterans, first responders, their families, and to all who are “warriors in life”.
  • Program will follow these general categories:  Yoga Lifestyle, Yoga Philosophy, the Science of Yoga, and Yoga therapy / healthcare.  We will also have opportunities to teach asana/meditation/movement practices all day long.
  • Please understand that we typically receive many more submissions than we can accept. So please do not be discouraged if
    yours is not accepted.
  • Title and session description should be catchy and compelling. These sessions are for both new and experienced practitioners, and perhaps experience something new. Practices can be gentle or moderate and can include pranayama and meditation or not.
  • You may request a specific time, morning or afternoon. If selected, we will do our best to accommodate your preference.
  • Priority will be given to workshops that fit the current year’s theme.

Submission Requirements

Your submission must include the following:

  • Title
  • Description < 120 words
  • Bio < 150 words
  • Headshot, print quality (300 dpi)
  • Prepare your information in advance in a Word doc or text file so that you can copy and paste the various fields into the online form.
  • Duration of program: 50 minutes, 90 minutes, 2hr+ workshops (please be specific on your time request)
  • Type of workshop: Yoga classes /  Meditation / Presentation / Panels /  Fish bowl style / Combination or Other
  • Maximum number of participants you would prefer for your session.  Please note:  rooms are 59′ x 30′ each, and can accommodate approximately 160 chairs / 96 with chairs/tables or  80 yoga mats.
  • Room set-up requirements: Theatre (chairs only), Classroom (chairs with tables), carpet only (no chairs), or combo
  • You may submit two presentations. A separate submission is required for each.
  • Deadline: Wednesday, March 21th. 2018


  • Sessions are scheduled from 8 am to 5 pm; additional evening hours may be available, for longer workshops / movies, etc…
  • Props may be suggested, but remember that many of the attendees will not have anything but their yoga mat with them. IDY does not have access to equipment during the conference. Make your proposal one that can include any attendee even without props.

Selection Criteria

Presentations will be selected based upon practice content, the expertise of the presenter, the presenter’s presentation skills and ability to effectively communicate to large groups and adherence to the proposal instructions and theme.

Support for Presenters

  • No financial support is offered for these sessions.
  • Audio and visual support during presentation; for Powerpoints, please bring your own laptop with connectors.
  • Your session will be shared on our webpage and social media.
  • Included in the conference guide.

Marketing Support

All presenters are expected to help market the conference by informing their professional network about the conference at least twice, including at least one month before the early bird deadline. Your support and creativity in getting the word out are appreciated!

Submit Online Application

Word doc or Presentation should be submitted to email "namaste@idoyogasa.org"
Headshot, print quality (300 dpi) submitted to email "namaste@idoyogasa.org"